Sustainable Brands: “Righting Wrong Metrics: Lessons on Future-Fitness and Fixing Materiality”

Until now, most companies have focused on doing less harm. That’s good, but how much less harm is needed to achieve a genuinely sustainable world? This is the question that Future-Fit Foundation set out to answer with its Future-Fit Business Benchmark(FFBB) — a free assessment tool based on a systems view that takes apart traditional metrics and KPIs that drive “less bad” performance, instead focusing on 23 metrics that define what we need to do in order to do no harm and eventually do only good — it’s a very different approach with a clearly defined goalpost.

Novo Nordisk is the first company to complete the FFBB. In a plenary session on Tuesday, Cora Olsen — Global Lead for Integrated Reporting at Novo Nordisk — shared the company’s learnings from this exercise. Later, in a breakout session, Olsen and Future-Fit Foundation co-founder Martin Rich walked participants through the FFBB and the full set of findings from Novo Nordisk’s first benchmarking report.

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