YK Center is focused on guiding and training organizations and communities to engage, accelerate and implement the New Economy parameters, to ensure that we all have a secure and hospitable home, for present and future generations.

The inspiration for the center came from three visionaries – Prof. Yehuda Kahane , Tal Ronen, and
Yoram Lavi. Utilizing their skills, experience and joint vision – they developed models and methodologies to enable organizations and communities prepare for the necessary shifts in orientation and to implement the new economy principles.

The 4-D Ecosystem is a working model, which can be applied, implemented and utilized at every level and for every organization, allowing it to transform and engage in the New Economy.


  • Balanced and varied ecology
  • Balanced energy generation and consumption
  • Environmental Coherence


  • Social innovation
  • Supporting healthy social goals and trends
  • Wide Social Influence


  • Profitability and stakeholder value
  • Impact Investment
  • Circular and regenerative economy
  • Internalizing the Externalities


  • Citizens, consumers, customers, companies and communities as shapers of society
  • Vocations rather than jobs – work as integral to one’s life purpose
  • Moving from the mindset of “Me to We”
  • Conscious Capitalism