SDG Market is an impact investment fund which is focused on investing in The Development Phase (pre-financial close) of PV Solar and Cleand Water Projects underserved areas in Sub-Saharan Africa & India with the goal of accelerating the UN SDGs.

SDG Market, focusing on clean energy, is the first international fund aiming at accounting for environmental and social externalities using Blockchain Technology while generating an above average returns relative to other PV solar and clean water investments.

SDG Market income is received from developer bonuses, sale of electricity and divestment of projects.


Professor Yehuda Kahane, Chairman
Yehuda Katzman, CEO
Ayal Levy, COO
Tal Ronen, Chairman of YK Center
Alon Aginsky and Nir Geffen Shimoni, Partners – Better Alternatives IO

Contact information:

Institutional investor inquiries: info@sdg-market.com
Media inquiries: media@sdg-market.com
to be considered for our investment portfolio: research@sdg-market.com