When we talk about bridging the gap from billions to trillions, we mean it. YKCenter is committed to accelerating the achievement of the SDGs and finding the funding for those solutions to become a reality.

The SDG-Market is a YKCenter initiative.  The culmination of years of research, networking and development. We have designed a unique and transparent tool to make impact investing more accessible, transparent and reliable. The SDG-Market aims to allow investors to make an impact on the world in an ecosystem that connects between them and cutting edge innovation in the realm of SDGs.

The SDG-Market looks at investments through a 4D lens – Economical, Social, Environmental and Consumer Consciousness. With these factors in mind, we aim to create a boundless, scalable investment ecosystem designed to accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals, turning impact investments from billions into trillions.

Find out more at the SDG-Market website.