Sustainable Brands: “Rubicon Global Crowns Inaugural ‘Waste Fit Champions’ at New Metrics ’18”

Rubicon Global — a technology company providing waste, recycling and smart city solutions to businesses and governments worldwide — along with the University of Pennsylvania Wharton Business School’s Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership (IGEL) and surplus food donation-management platform Goodr, tonight announced the list of inaugural “Waste Fit Champions,” a program designed to recognize the best sustainability leaders that are cutting down on waste, improving recycling and delivering on sustainability at their respective organizations.

The announcement was made by David Rachelson, Rubicon’s VP of Sustainability, at a reception during Sustainable Brands’ New Metrics ‘18 conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Along with Rachelson, the two other featured judges — Joanne Spigonardo, Senior Associate Director of Business Development for Wharton IGEL; and Goodr CEO Jasmine Crowe — judged the nominees based on their emphasis on waste reduction in their organizations, circular economy best practices and the impact these solutions are having in their respective companies.

“These companies, governments and organizations that earned the title of Waste Fit Champion are undertaking key steps to solve the waste reduction challenges with circular economy best practices and a detailed focus on recycling and waste reduction,” Rachelson said. “We are proud to recognize all of these great companies and organizations demonstrating sustainability innovation and we look forward to following each of them as they continue to progress on their path to zero waste.”


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