SDGIsrael was the first convening in Israel around the SDG’s. Our goal is to make Israel into the world’s “Solution Provider” for the SDG’s. This event was in cooperation with our friends at the SDG Compass.

Israel, the start-up nation, solutions for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals can be accelerated and boasted. We strive to accelerate the solutions and accelerate the SDG’s at large.

Our first event SDGIsrael at the 2050 Environment Conference in Tel Aviv:

A short overview of SDGIsrael

Tal Ronen in conversation with Prof. Alon Tal about an overpopulated future in Israel:

Tal Ronen leading the Panel of the SDGIsrael:

Adv. Ziv Keinan, presenting the SDG-Market:

Israel and the SDGs

From the Gapframe website:

The Gapframe identifies a “safe space for all of us” and serves as a basis for multi-stakeholders to address these Grand Challenges, by sector, across industries, for an enterprise or as a responsible management educator, building on the “outside-in” perspective of true business sustainability. This tool reflects a multi-sector research effort spanning across 155 countries and 24 Grand Challenges, including national priorities.

The GAPFRAME translates the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into four sustainability dimensions: planet, society, economy, governance, enclosing 24 issues and 68 underlying indicators. The 24 Grand Challenges are assessed for 190 countries, 22 regions and the world.

Below, find Israel’s Gapframe measurement to see how Israel compares: