TransFormNation and Achieving Environmental Resilience

In December of 2021, Prof. Yehuda Kahane and Dr. Moshe Bareket published an article called Achieving Environmental Resilience and Other Sustainability Goals through the Insurance and Pension System. The article outlines a basis for national transformation alongside a sustainability budget aimed at financing projects that are aligned with the SDGs and positive externalities. This article is a culmination of years of work and research done by Prof. Kahane in both the academic and business worlds. The ideas proposed are an articulation of a way for national governments to endogenize externalities into our economic system, an idea Prof. Kahane has been promoting for decades.

A summary of the article can be read here and a short video explaining the concept here:


In May 2015 during the first Global Game Changers Lab we asked a profound question: “Can humanity reboot itself?” The resounding answer from the experts in the room was “A united humanity is a rebooted humanity”. This is what YKCenter is focused on.

As transformation professionals, we continued to explore and ask new questions. One of our main questions is on what transformations are required in order for us to unite? We entered a new era of national transformation that was expedited due to the pandemic.

It is clear to us that global and radical transformations are needed. TransFormNation is the idea of transforming the outlook and strategy of whole countries, from the top-down, in order to be more “future-proof” and SDG aligned.

We are aligning with global networks, such as the UN, WAAS, the WBA and more, to map out the necessary transformations humanity must undergo. We have recognized at least 7 transformations needed in order for us to survive as a species, the most crucial of which is how to finance this shift. The needed funds are in long-term pensions and insurance, and those industries must transform fast as well.

During the 2021 Davos conference, Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, called for radical transformation on a global scale. We would like you all to consider that we are in a new era, an SDG era, an era of radical transformation. TransFormNation is a new way to look at the world and we invite you to participate and collaborate with us on this.

TransformNation focuses on using the methodology behind the SDG Action Labs at a national level. The YK Center team follows a five-stage process whose purpose is to help a country’s national leadership steer their nation towards the completion of the SDGs. TransFormNation follows the 4D Impact Ecosystem.

Stage 1: Initial Mapping and Stakeholder identification

Stage 2: Financial Climate for Climate Change with Stakeholders

Stage 3: Action Lab – What are the main goals that need to be accomplished in order to reach the SDGs

Stage 4: Go to Market Strategy

Stage 5: Ongoing Advisory and Tweaking

TransformNation is a framework that is meant to orient nations to be SDG aligned. We use various methods of measurement and benchmarking to allow for countries to prepare themselves for the future.

To get a better understanding of where we’ve come from and where we are going, Tal Ronen shares his vision of the past and the future relating to transformation, the TransFormNation project, and COP 27, through a personal lens.

Below, the SDG Index for countries (Source: SDSN):