Sustainable Brands:UK Public Supports Urgent Action, Litigation on Climate Change

According to a new survey from UK-based environmental law charity ClientEarth, the British public wants urgent action on climate change and strongly supports holding fossil fuel companies and the UK government accountable for the negative effects of climate change.

After a record heatwave in the UK and northern Europe, the majority of Brits surveyed think fossil fuel companies, whose products contribute directly to climate change, should be made to pay damages for their role in contributing to global warming (71 percent), and that the UK government must do more to help prepare for and adapt to climate change (62 percent).

Undertaken by YouGov and commissioned by ClientEarth, the survey — based on an online poll of 2,005 UK adults — aimed to capture British public sentiment towards who should pay for climate change, fossil fuel investments in personal finance and what the UK’s energy future should look like.

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