Sustainable Brands: “Lack of US Climate Policy Putting Companies at Risk; Investors Demand Action”

As a record number of global investors calls on governments to accelerate action on climate change, a new CDP analysis shows that some of the largest U.S.-based corporations view climate change as an increasing risk to their bottom line and reputation among consumers and investors.

The new State by state: An analysis of U.S. companies and cities across seven states report, released today, highlights business readiness for a low-carbon transition and reveals major climate-related risks, but also opportunities facing their operations. The analysis is a follow-up to the ‘U.S. State by State 2014’ report surveying similar companies — including Google, McDonald’s, United Airlines, John Deere, Goodyear, eBay and Sears. The research demonstrates best practice, how companies are successfully managing risks and building resiliency, and unique paths for companies and investors to take part in the transformational change; and reveals a growing awareness of climate-related policies, as well as an understanding for the various drivers of increased risk perception and value creation.


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