Human Mutuality System

In late 2015 Dr. Sholmo Yishai, the Founder and Director of Humanity’s Global Era Research Center, wrote an article entitled Human Mutuality Systems. The article served as a general outline of the new consciousness and the possibility of transforming technological power into an empowering human reality.

He discusses the historical significance of Neil Armstrong being the first human to set foot on the moon. Not only was this one of the greatest scientific achievements of all time, it marked a victory for the United States over Russia in the “Space Race” which was part of the “Cold War” between the two nations.

In addition, he states the creation of the internet was also a direct reaction to the fear of the United States of a nuclear attack from the Russians. It has became the center point of modern day communication. Now human beings live simultaneously in both the real world and the virtual world of the internet.

All of these scientific breakthroughs and human expansion have been beneficial for modern living, but has come at a huge price with the ever present danger of global warming. Wars have been fought for centuries between countries and empires trying to achieve economic and territoriality gain. Global warming is a fight that all of humanity must join together to fight since it effects every human on Earth.

The purpose of sharing the Human Mutuality System approach is not to provide solutions for specific challenges but to create an infrastructure that will enable us to generate a solution. Humanity needs to create diverse solutions that will provide us all with a significant, stable, and empowered existence.

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