World Economic Forum: “Norway aims to make all short-haul flights electric by 2040”

Norway is aiming to make its short-haul flights 100% electric by 2040. This would make it the first country to switch to electric air travel.

Journeys taking up to 1.5 hours – which includes all domestic Norwegian routes and those to neighbouring Scandinavian capitals – should be entirely electric, said Norwegian airport operator Avinor’s chief executive, Dag Falk-Petersen. Avinor will make a tender offer for the first commercial electric air route in 2025, which will carry 19 passengers.

Electric flights will cost half as much to operate and will only be half as loud as current jet engines, Falk-Petersen claimed. Until Norway’s air travel goes 100% electric, it will rely on hybrid engines and bio-fuels. Domestic air travel in Norway accounts for 2.4% of its greenhouse gas emissions. When international air travel is included, this figure doubles.

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