Where are the Missing Trillions?

The Guardian has published a series of articles that discuss how the world can come up with the missing trillions of dollars needed to fun the Sustainable Development Goals.

The indisputable fact is that the SDG’s are going to be extremely expensive. There is an endless list of the resources and people that will be required. The infrastructure needs include hospitals, roads, farms, water systems, and financial networks. In terms of human resources, we will need more lawyers, bankers, teachers, agricultural workers, doctors, scientists, and engineers.

Philanthropists will also play a huge role, but philanthropy can’t make up the shortfall in development dollars alone. But it can create the platforms and trust needed to mobilize and channel resources from public and private sources. But, while philanthropy’s contributions are significant, the combination of governmental development assistance and private philanthropy is measured in billions, the funding shortfall for the SDG’s is in the trillions. Foundation leaders and development economists agree that capital markets, growing where there is sound policy, must be tapped.

The role of the private sector must not only be putting its shoulder behind the SDG’s. It is also crucial that it work hand-in-hand with all stakeholders to promote economic development, employment and well being. A real partnership between all these different groups has the capacity to really drive forward the aspirations of funding the SDG’s.

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