WHAT’S POSSIBLE: The U.N. Climate Summit

Presented to world leaders at the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit in New York, this short inspirational film shows that climate change is solvable. We have the technology to harness nature sustainably for a clean, prosperous energy future, but only if we act now. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, it calls on the people of the world to insist leaders get on the path of a livable climate and future for humankind.

YK Center is working to find the answer:

“How we get from here to there – all 7.3 billion of us?”

Watch the report from the 2nd Global GameChangers Impact Lab, San Diego, June 6-9 to learn more.

WHAT’S POSSIBLE was created by a team including director Louie Schwartzberg, producer Lyn Davis Lear, writer Scott Z. Burns, Moving Art Studio, and the Lear Family Foundation.

Directed by Louie Schwartzberg
Written by Scott Z. Burns
Produced by Lyn Davis Lear
Narrated by Morgan Freeman
Music by Hans Zimmer
Editor Craig Thomas Quinlan
Additional Editor Alan Wain
Post Production Supervisor Courtney Earlywine
Assistant Editor Annie Wilkes
Line Producer Elease Lui
Post Production by Moving Art
Visual Effects by 422 South
Sound Design by Kent Gibson, Kirk Gaughan
Assistant to Director Erin Richardson
With footage generously donated by: BlackLight Films, Disneynature, Earth Trust Vision, Extreme Ice Survey, James Balog, Filmthropic, Moving Art, Oceanic Preservation Society, Perkins+Will, Planet Ocean, Courtesy of Hope Production,Momentum for Change, Courtesy of United Nations Other footage provided by: AP Archives, ClipCanvas, Corbis Motion, EarthUncut TV, Footage Search, Getty Images, Pond5, T3 Media Very Special Thanks to: Alan Horn, Dan Thomas, Duane Elgin, Jonathan Klein, RALLY, Scott James, Skoll Foundation, Larry Kopald, Lear Family Foundation, Mark Johnson, Michael Pitiot, Richard Wilson, Yann Arthus-Bertrand

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