A Plan to Limiting Global Temperature Increase

The Rocky Mountain Institute has created a “master plan” to help fight global warming. The climate summit recently held in Morocco has produced few tangible results, but did feature an ambitious pledge by 47 countries fighting for their own survival. The keys to achieving the goal of limiting a global temperature increase to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius per yer may lie with everyday people and businesses, not huge government decisions.

Scientists agree that limiting global warming to under 2 degrees Celsius this century, will reduce the likelihood of more-intense storms, longer droughts, sea-level rise, and other severe climate impacts. Even hitting the lower target of 1.5 degrees will only reduce, rather than eliminate, impacts.

While they may sound possible, these goals describe patterns of disruptive change that are consistent with historical periods of fundamental change in the economy. The surprising outcome is that some transitions occur much faster than almost anyone could imagine. It is reinforced by feedback in industrial economics, social behavior, finance, and technology.

One huge technological innovation that will help fight global warming is Electric Vehicles. Industry, governments, and early adopters have succeeded in demonstrating that electric cars can deliver the practicality, sustainability, safety and affordability characteristics expected from them. The Electric Vehicle market still requires policy support to achieve widespread adoption and deployment. Battery costs have been cut 4 times since 2008, and continue to go down in price.

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