Video Resources

Professor Yehuda Kahane has been covered by media and conversed with many notable figures of the Academia and local as well as international politics.

Here you can find some of our available online media:


Yehuda Kahana speaks at the 3rd Intl. Conference on Future Education on Education in the Post Industrial Era.

Tal Ronen speaking with Maya Zuckerman about the future of SDGs and Climate Action:

Interview with Scott Amyx on the Climate Change Podcast, with Tal Ronen, President & Co-Founder of the YKCenter.

Prof. Kahane speaking at the Israeli Environmental Summit 2018:


Prof. Kahane speaking at the Global Solutions Summit during the launch of the SDG-Market in the UN HQ (June 2018).

Panel and Q&A during the SDG-Market Launch at the Global Solutions Summit:


Tal Ronen During the Global Solution Summit, leading the panel of YKC subject matter experts:


Professor Kahane discusses with Noble Laurette Professor Dan Shechtman the need to go from talking in billions to talking in trillions:


Professor Kahane and Noble Laurette Professor Dan Shechtman on how to finance the transformation:


Professor Kahane on Fox News speaking about the future and the need to reboot humanity.

Professor Kahane and Noble Laurette Professor Dan Shechtman Discuss Education and the SDGs


Dror Pockard on moving from purpose to impact at the Sustainable Brands Conference

Professor Kahane Speaking in the SDG Center for Africa