Jewish News Syndicate Reports – UN showcases Israel’s innovations in water, agriculture, technology and more

Israel brings its innovation to the United Nations – This is Israel’s pledge around the SDGs, to capitalize on the innovation and start-up know-how to build capacity towards achieving the SDGs. This article touches upon the solutions showcased at the UN Headquarters in NY.

An event at the United Nations headquarters in New York City on Wednesday highlighted six Israeli innovative solutions to critical problems around the world.

Hosted by the Israeli Mission to the United Nations, it allowed members of Israeli business community to connect with governments and senior officials from the international community at U.N. headquarters during a week that was part of the world body’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with the hopes that these companies and technologies presented can help countries achieve their respective SDG aims. The evening was moderated by Israeli actress and producer Noa Tishby, and took place as part of the United Nations Development Week.

Mino Negrin, founder and CEO of NUFiltration, introduced a creative technology for artificial kidney remission used to filter and purify water. Eyal Yassky, co-founder of Hilico, spoke about his company creating the world’s first portable and affordable rain-harvesting device, designed to work off the grid, that can turn rainwater into clean, drinking water in rural and disaster relief areas.

“Over a billion people live off-grid and many of them rely on rainwater,” he said. “This is our focus and duty as entrepreneurs and as global citizens to help those people. Harnessing technology and innovation, and achieving the SPGs, is not just about developing technology. It’s about making sure that we adapt our technology to the people who really need it.”

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