Funding the Sustainable Development Goals

In an article written by Jem Bendell, the Founding Director of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability, she provides insights as to how the world will be able to fund the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals. All countries will have to act in collaborative partnership, in order to implement this plan. We are all resolved to free the human race from poverty and to heal and secure our planet.

As the focus now turns to implementing and financing the SDG’s, decision-makers must be mindful of what works and what does not. It will take collaboration among different countries, corporations, universities, and foundations.

A global commitment to a numerical trade cost reduction target would provide a concrete focal point for both national action and international cooperation. It would send an important signal to the international business community that leaders will pursue trade facilitation initiatives. In the process it will help  the relevant international organizations to focus more of their activities on assisting governments to achieve these goals.


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