How the Fight Against Climate Change May Survive the Trump Presidency

After the recent election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, many feared that the battle to fight global warming was lost. Trump has claimed that climate change was a “hoax” and campaigned to tear down all the progress made by the Obama Administration. As bleak as the future looks, there may still be hope.

During his campaign, Trump said that he would “cancel” the Paris Agreement. As president-elect, he has said his administration will massively invest in coal and fossil fuels and cancel financial commitments to the UN for climate programs. These steps echo similar vows he made as a candidate, such as bringing back the coal industry and building the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

There are already signs of both good and band news for the fight against climate change during the Trump Administration transition. One area of concern is a questionnaire that has been circulated at the Department of Energy that requests the names of all employees who have attended climate change policy conferences. A better piece of news is that First Lady-elect Ivanka Trump has said that the fight for climate change will be one of her top priorities.

What’s going on around the World may be able to help keep hope alive. Under the best of circumstances, commitments from nations have coincided with significant declines in the carbon intensity of the energy system and growth in the share of clean energy. Strong supporting policies including clean energy subsidies, performance standards, and deployment mandates have brought significant emissions reductions.

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