Business Insider: French President Emmanuel Macron: Wealth managers urgently need to switch from ‘day to day business’ to ‘climate business’ or face the consequences

NEW YORK — French President Emmanuel Macron says when it comes to dealing with our warming Earth, “we are late,” and that it’s time for the world’s wealthiest financiers to keep the global temperature in check.

“We are lagging behind. We are not delivering following the line of Paris Agreement,” Macon said on Wednesday morning, speaking to Bill and Melinda Gates and a crowd gathered at the Gates Foundation’s Goalkeepers event.

The French president is asking some of the world’s top wealth funds to definitively back away from investing in companies that push fossil fuels out into the atmosphere, which help warm the planet.

“We have to shift one third of the global finance, the global asset managers and so on, from the day to day business, to the climate business,” Macron said on Wednesday.

It’s a plan that he’s been working on for a few months now.

In July, Macron gathered with several of the world’s leading wealth managers in Paris to chart strategies for pushing investors into more “climate-friendly” investment strategies, according to Reuters. The idea is for wealth managers to adopt a set of Earth-friendly guidelines for their investments — a set of rules that would push companies to reduce their carbon footprints and reliance on fossil fuels, in order to receive the investors’ money.

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