Bridging the Sustainable Development Finance Gap

In an article written by Harold Naus, CEO of Cardano Netherlands, suggestions are given on strategies to solving the SDG financing gap. Cardano Risk Management is the largest specialist fiduciary manager in the UK. They help institutions become resilient to the whims of the financial markets, yet still able to achieve their objectives through better use of existing investment tools. They use this philosophy when working with pension funds, insurance companies and other financial organizations across Europe but also to developing banking and financial services in developing and frontier markets.

There’s a growing disconnect between the importance of sustainability to many corporate strategies and its lack of relevance to mainstream investors. Bridging that gap between companies and investors will require a new approach to sustainability reporting.

Leading companies are generating sales growth with new environmentally conscious products and services, identifying eco-efficient strategies that help them to trim costs and finding ways to better manage risk in a world of pollution challenges, natural resource limits and shifting opportunities for competitive advantage.

While the current data provide literally hundreds of risk metrics on thousands of companies, it’s often difficult for mainstream investors to know how to assess these indicators. Measuring sustainability-related risk for mainstream investors is about focusing on those factors critical to meeting strategic and financial objectives.

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