5 Reasons for China’s Clean Tech Boom

China is now shifting its energy mix to focus on renewable energy, using clean technologies to drive growth. Breakthroughs in technology, such as energy storage and energy efficiency, vital to the country’s future. Policies are being put in place to make every step of recycling profitable. China will prioritize green development and focus on clean technology. In addition, they have stressed the global benefits of clean energy, and that as a nation, they will continue to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

China aspires to shift its traditional energy mix so that renewable energy accounts for 50% or more of the grid. Beijing closed its last coal-fired power plant in March, and will invest in electric vehicles to combat environmental pollution and create healthier cities. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region will not need coal for its heating by the end of the year.

No matter how advanced their technology becomes, they will always have to address industrial waste. Annual waste in China is currently the equivalent of 35 million tons of coal power. International collaboration is key, as this a problem that affects all of us.  Joint pledges by China and the United States ahead of the Paris talks helped create the momentum required to secure a global agreement, and included a promise by China to establish a nationwide emissions trading exchange by this year. They have partnered with California, as both sides agreed to establish the California-China Clean Technology Partnership designed to drive innovation and commercialization in areas such as carbon capture and storage, as well as advanced information technology that could help cut greenhouse gas emissions.

China is creating a new world order in clean tech, as the world’s biggest polluter transforms into the largest renewable energy market. Africa also has great potential to lead the way in renewable energy. energy. They have  rich natural resources and lots of wind and solar power to harness. China can collaborate with African countries on clean technology and continue to share expertise and manpower.

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