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Sustainable Brands:UK Public Supports Urgent Action, Litigation on Climate Change

According to a new survey from UK-based environmental law charity ClientEarth, the British public wants urgent action on climate change and strongly supports holding fossil fuel companies and the UK government accountable for the negative effects of climate change. After a record heatwave in the UK and northern Europe, the majority of Brits surveyed think fossil […]

Insurance Development Community Meets to Design Shared RoadMap

INSURANCE DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY MEETS TO DESIGN SHARED ROADMAP FOR NEW YORK CLIMATE SUMMIT 2019   Berlin, 12 July 2018 – From 9 to 11 July, 2018 the Global Insurance Forum took place in Berlin. Every year, hosted by the IIS, this Forum brings together the leaders of the global insurance community. The third day of this […]

World Economic Forum: “Norway aims to make all short-haul flights electric by 2040”

Norway is aiming to make its short-haul flights 100% electric by 2040. This would make it the first country to switch to electric air travel. Journeys taking up to 1.5 hours – which includes all domestic Norwegian routes and those to neighbouring Scandinavian capitals – should be entirely electric, said Norwegian airport operator Avinor’s chief […]

SDG Index 2018

The 2018 SDG Index and Dashboards report presents a revised and updated assessment of countries’ distance to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It includes detailed SDG Dashboards to help identify implementation priorities for the SDGs. The report also provides a ranking of countries by the aggregate SDG Index of overall performance. This year’s report […]

Green Prophet Reports: Israeli study show worms can perform math

New research by Hebrew University of Jerusalem details the complex mathematical calculations that animals perform to locate their next meal. Turns out that even the simple earthworm constantly computes new scent data to see if they are on right track to food. Can humans learn from these tubular hermaphrodites? Animals often rely on their sense of smell […]