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SCEPA: Economics of Climate Change

Critics of policies that would mitigate climate change often cite negative effects on the economy to forestall change. But are they right? Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis (SCEPA) is investigating these arguments in a project on the Economics of Climate Change led by Faculty Fellow Willi Semmler. Initiated in 2010 with a comprehensive international […]

Clean Energy Canada: The Costs of Climate Change

Canada’s governments are developing a climate plan capable of meeting or beating their national climate goals. The reality is that there are no zero-cost options available—an effective plan to hit their targets will require new investment. Clean Energy Canada has compiled a backgrounder in an attempt to put into context the cost clean growth policies […]

Climate Hot Map – Global Warming Effects Around the World

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is pleased to offer a new, interactive way to learn about the local consequences of global warming. The Climate Hot Map allows you to travel the world, exploring the places (or “hot spots”) where scientists have gathered evidence for climate changes that are already underway and where they are […]

Climate Change and the Cost of Inaction

Economists Rio Colacito, Bridget Hoffmann, and Toan Phan posit that we may be underestimating the future costs of climate change inaction because we aren’t fully recognizing how climate change affects business-as-usual. In a column published on VoxEU.org, they point to our methods of aggregating data as the potential culprit, as it masks seasonal and geographical […]

The Price Tag of Being Young

Climate change will have profound effects on millennials’ economic future, according to a new report by NextGen Climate, a San Francisco-based environmental advocacy organization, and Demos, a public policy organization that focuses on reducing political and economic inequality. The report quantifies the cost of climate change to millennials and their children, compared to a world […]

Political Calculations: The Economic Impact of Climate Change

How can you measure the economic impact of climate change? That global warming has an effect on agriculture is something that has been well established by real world observations over the last several thousand years and has been reaffirmed for the modern era by academic research. The folks behind the Political Calculations blog wanted to consider the […]

Too hot to work? What Climate Change Means for Jobs

Global warming will cost the world more than $2 trillion a year in lost productivity by 2030 as it becomes too hot to work in many sectors, according to new research. The report says that India and China together stand to lose $450 billion in output by 2030. The economies of richer nations, such as […]